Your safety , Our responsibility
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ADAS One, because your safety matters



Intuitive AEB kit (Autonomous emergency break)

HMX515 is the world first after-market Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) designed to help the driver avoid accidents in unexcepted road situations.

AXON 3.2

Collision Avoidance System

Based on Deep Learning technology, AXON3.2 accurately detects objects on the road on a real-time basis which enables any type of vehicle to avoid or mitigate any risk of collition with other vehicles or pedestrians.


Innovative smartphone ADAS solution

AONE turns smartphones into car managers and driving assistants. AONE was created and developed in-house to offer a
convenient and creative safety solution to vehicle drivers.


ADAS ONE’s technological strength and capabilities have been claimed by the explosive response of various exhibitions and media outlets.
ADAS ONE supports various fields; from commercial companies to research and development labs.

Driverless Field Test

ADAS ONE is constantly performing various field tests to reach a recognition rate of 99.9%. To view more videos visit ADAS ONE YouTube account.