World First AEB system
for After-Market

HX515 AEB system detects frontal abrupt car stops through
the Radar which verifies the distance between the vehicle and
external objects. The system generates an audible alarm 2.5
second before collision and activates the brake actuator  1.6
second before collision. In case of the absence of driver’s
response, the brake actuator automatically stops the car
with full-power brake 1 second before collision.


1ea Actuator for Car

HX515 ECU1ea



for Simulation1ea

Dummy Car

for AEB Test Drive1ea

w1600*h1350*d1000 mm

Deep Learning SW Development Kit
for Autonomous Driving

At a driving speed lower than 60 km/h, HX515 AEB system constantly monitors the presence of
pedestrians in the driving lane. In case of a sudden presence of individuals in the lane,
AEB system automatically stops the car using the brake actuator.

ADAS ONE provides Deep Learning SW autonmous driving kit using advanced and efficient development technology.

CNN based Deep Learning Technology

  • CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) based Multi Objects Recognition Algorithm.
  • High performance and real-time processing  Embedded System.


  • Vehicle, Truck,Bus,Pedestrian,Motorcyclist, Traffic Signal

Lane departure Warning

  • Multi Lane Recognition Technology with EGO-Lane


Rear View Camera

Monitors the backside of vehicles for accident avoidance

CPU NVIDIA TX1:ARM Cortex A57 Quadcore
GPU 256-core Pascal GPU 1.1GHz
Storage Internal 32GB
Camera 2HD Ser-des interface/40 degree
Radar CAN interface
Image processing Deep Learning S/W