ADAS ONE, Inc., to be Supported by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport .

HM310 passed the 'Performance Test of Front Collision and Lane Departure Warning System' test conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

HM310; ADAS ONE’s camera-based ADAS solution has been officially certified by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on April 10th, 2018. HM310 passed the performance test of ‘Front collision and lane departure warning systems’ which took place at “The Korea Automotive Technology Institute”(KATI) under the supervision of the same ministry. As a result of this success, ADAS ONE was chosen once again to take part of the government subsidiary program which will be enforced on May, 2018.

Due to the large-scale of casualties caused by commercial vehicles, KATI is taking preventive measures to decrease dangerous driving behaviors and the number of road accidents. In this sense, the government made the installation of ADAS systems (e.g. Lane Departure Warning) mandatory in buses longer than 9m and vehicles weighing over 20 tons starting 2020. The government and local municipalities will finance ADAS systems development projects which is expected to cost around $56billion.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport sought that the performance of some ADAS products installed during the pilot project in 2017 was insufficient, and as a consequence, the ministry strengthened the test standards ,such as, physical specifications and performance tests for the products participating in the subsidy project.

HM310 provided a stable warning alarm in events related to collision risks and lane departure. Accordingly, it was concluded that HM310 satisfied the performance criteria set by the ministry. In addition to the front crash warning and lane departure warning function, HM310 is equipped with a black box which allows the driver to record driving full HD videos.

HM310 will also be able to support advanced technology for safe driving, such AEB (Autonomous Emergency Brake) for aftermarket, as well as updated AI technology that incorporates future deep-leaning technology.

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