KBS News- ADASONE Smart Autonomous Emergency Braking System will be integrated in Jeju Island Public Buses.

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Jeju Island has been experiencing for a long an increasing number of accident casualties mainly due to road accidents that involve public buses. In order to prevent this phenomenon, Jeju Island decided to introduce accident prevention devices using advanced technology. The aim is to adopt the new assistance driving technology to turn regular buses into ‘smart buses’.

Recently, the rear part of a passenger vehicle penetrated the windshield during a collision accident. Twenty-six passengers, including the driver, were injured in the accident involving a bus which was unable to stop at the right time to avoid the crash.

ADASONE is currently involved in the “Jeju ICT Project”. The project aims to turn Jeju Island into a smart city by integrating AI automotive technology in Jeju Island buses in order to decrease the number of road accidents that the island has been suffering from for years. ADASONE AEB Integrated System platform has been chosen to be integrated in buses after successfully passing the Jeju Provincial Government and Ministry of Science and Technology testings.  The smart system will be tested in 20 buses for a period of six months.

After the on-site verifications, ADASONE AEB system will be integrated not only in buses but also taxi fleets, trucks, and commercial vehicles in general. Therefore; AEB system is a crucial enabling element factor for the safety of road users in Jeju Island.

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