Hanyang Information & Communications 2016 CES Innovation Awards

- Self-developed advanced safety driving support vehicle camera system ADAS ONE HS-500F

The ADAS ONE HS-500F, a self-developed camera system for safe driving vehicles, received the CES 2016 Innovation Awards on November 10, (Vehicle Intelligence Product Category).

The award-winning ADAS ONE HS-500F consists of a front stereo camera and a rear camera that support FHD, respectively, and features a car black box, as well as front cars, pedestrians, sudden lane departures and road signs ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), which are designed to prevent collision and traffic accidents by alarming the driver in advance.

In case of an emergency during driving, an E-Call is sent automatically through Smartphone of ADAS ONE HS-500F and wireless (WiFi / Bluetooth) connected driver. The device is a smart car

solution connected via OBD (On Board Diagnosis) and enhances the driving convenience functions. The driver can check vehicle diagnosis and driving information in real time on ADAS ONE smartphone application, and also download recorded driving images stored in the main unit.

In addition, ADAS ONE HS-500F has recently added the Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), a European automotive safety rating agency, to the AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) And it is expected to be applied to AEB technology in order to respond to leading market demand in the future.

To this end, Hanyang Information & Communications is the leading organization for the development of ‘HD class multi-angle front camera system’ to support ‘AEB’ in the R&D project ‘Industrial Core Technology Development Project’ -500F products.

Kang Kyung-soo, CEO of Hanyang Information & Communication, said, “The original features and aesthetic design quality of the HS-500F product, which is currently being developed and released, can be regarded as having received a positive response from US industry experts in the center of consumer electronics.”, “We will be able to create marketing effects for product branding and awareness raising even when entering overseas market”.

The CES 2016 Innovation Awards are the result of a rigorous screening by a panel of industry-renowned experts on the latest consumer electronics products with the technical integrity and design in 27 of the new technology products that are leading the global consumer electronics business. And has been recognized as a recognized achievement in product design and technical perfection since 1976
The ADAS ONE HS-500F will be exhibited in the booth of Hanyang Information & Communication’s own exhibition booth and separate winner exhibition hall during the CES 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA from January 6th to 9th, 2016.

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